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Looking for a decent animator willing to animate a song

2011-01-20 01:17:12 by Schaafbros

I am currently in the process of recording a rap song which will compose of two very famous movie actors, (And no, one of them is NOT Nicholas Cage...) I'm looking for anyone interested in animating said movie.

The only requirements would be to animate specific scenes from anything I may reference, and to be able to truly capture the essence of the two characters, I don't mind people who animate in their own style, but I want the viewers to know who they are right off the bat.

If anyone's interested, please leave a comment and I will PM you with the details by the time I finish recording the song. I apologize if this is inconvenient or if I leave out details (mainly who the two actors are), but I feel I will only be able to share it once it's an established finished product.


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2012-05-07 17:15:54

I'll do it. But I require that my payment be animation lessons. Also, I want to be paid upfront.